First and foremost, there is one important fact you need to know about us: we do copywriting not copyrighting (you probably would need a law firm for the latter). Below are two categories of our copywriting services



Our Story

To be honest, there is no big story behind the establishment of Hibr; there were ambitions only. And we didn’t do great as employees. We wanted to be our own boss! When you’re your own boss, you can wake up any time, leave at any time, manage your life and spend more money. Isn’t this enough to start our own business? And if you’re wondering why Hibr is for copywriting? Well, it’s because we’re good writers, and we want to help you.

Hibr for Copywriting is a boutique creative agency that provides businesses with various services of copywriting in English and Arabic. It is focused to deliver the accurate image of the brands in words.

Our Mission

We are centralized around crafting the image of our clients through efficient content and right tone of voice.